Here is an example of what I bring to real estate that is unique amongst all the other Real Estate agents. I have been creating YouTube videos for my clients for years now as a way to give my clients’ a first-hand look at the entire property without having to leave home. When I first began my Real Estate career in Temp Arizona I used videos as a way to show my Californian clients properties they were interested in. This unique method I provided grew into what I now integrate into my business as a cutting edge advantage for my clients. Whether helping clients sell their homes or new home owners purchase I integrate video as a means to reach as many people as I can. One of the most useful features of YouTube videos is the fact that we can track how many people view the video as well as see where they are finding the video as well. This allows me to market towards a specific area or demographic and increase traffic to the property. For more info on how video walkthroughs can help you contact me through my website http://www.BretFouche.KWrealty.com

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and if you ahve any real estate related questions just ask me!


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